Truth Inspires Great Advertising

“Cut the marketing bull[…] and tell the truth.”

These are wise words. And they’re too-often ignored by companies who don’t want to offend anyone, who don’t know their audience, and by creatives too timid to ask.

But in order to inspire your customers to live out your brand and carry you into the future, it takes a bolder approach.

Truth Sets Your Advertising Apart

“Truth without love is brutality. Love without truth is hypocrisy.” -Warren Wiersbe

Weirsbe is right. Your most interested followers want to see your point of view, not your watered-down, politically correct messages. They can get that anywhere. Here’s now I think about it, in two steps:

  • Branding: Making sure your brand is human enough to connect with other humans who care about the same thing, which is bigger than either of you. Then make sure we only talk about what we can do well, rather than what we think everyone wants.
  • Creating Desire: Making everything about your customer and their ability to live out their values or just live better. And you do this by continually inspiring them with your interesting point of view.

 Put Truth To Work in Your Advertising

There are several under-utilized processes in advertising. Some of them are tactical, like social media and mailing lists. Others are process-driven, like making sure you have the processes in place to make and execute a plan. Need help understanding how you can use mailing lists or get more out of your creative process for the same amount of money? Let me know.

Professor Stadler, Advertising Instructor, At Your Service

I taught Advertising for 4 years in a brand-focused program at the University of Oregon where I upped the ante for my students (and myself) by involving the best agency folks from agencies like:

  • Wieden & Kennedy
  • Yonder
  • Pollinate

And I got some excellent clients for my students like

  • Leatherman Tool Company
  • Nutcase Helmets
  • Packasport Carriers.

I taught classes specifically about

  • Advertising campaigns
  • Writing
  • Design
  • Strategy
  • Branding.

In professional life, I’ve done work for

  • Pei Wei
  • First Tech Credit Union
  • A large, mouse-based theme park (and I’m still not sure if I’m legally allowed to name them).

My thesis studies the creative process.

Who Cares About Truth in Advertising?

Truth start on the inside. You might need truth about your processes. Then you can hear truth about your brand and tell people what they need to hear: those truths that build the trust that sets the stage for them to want to do business with you, not your competitors.

If you’re a small business, you’d benefit from a comprehensive overview of what you should have in place and the ability to both write and design tolerably well, to set you off right.

If you’re a mid-sized business, you’d see efficiencies in your creative process and a strengthening of your brand processes. Your creatives and strategy folks could benefit from research and creative workflows that get the most out of real-world creatives.

Inspire Your Customers

Stronger messages, messages based on truth, inspire. Gain relevance and directness. Talk to me today.