Services: Training

Brands break when they outsource too much and to the wrong people. So it can make a lot of sense to right-size your internal team. And if you’d like my help building it from scratch, here’s how it could work…

Training for Campaigns Creation

Get advanced content and brand strategies from your existing marketing manager and internal team, resulting in a campaign created from scratch for one of your audience segments. Your staff can then repeat and adapt the process within your company. All they need is some strong guidance.

Coaching for Brand Strategy

Get clarity and expertise in the creative process, without a bunch of wasted effort, through weekly, client-led meetings reviewing progress, prioritizing and creating action items and solutions that will bring clarity to the work and a less-exhausting growth process for marketing and brand leaders.

Services: Execution

Although you someday want a team embedded in your company to lead and make brand-relevant decisions, it sometimes makes sense to outsource that at the beginning. But you need someone who will protect your brand from agencies. I can help with that.

Leading Campaign Creation

Once we have the creative brief, our next problem is right-sizing the creative execution. So how do you fill the team with a level of skill and professionalism without paying agency rates? One way is to set up the project and bring the plan to life with the right creative director and talent to execute your campaign well, without the costly agency pitch process.

Planning the Brand Strategy

Strategy affects everything downstream. Get a simple, smart strategy without having to hire your own research and strategy team. I create the strategy, conduct the interviews, perform research and build a brief that’s ready for review by a creative director or agency.


“Chris is one of the rare intellects in the world of creative pursuits. He will challenge assumptions and help you think through any problem – then mind-map it out for you. He has the very enviable trait of being able to take complex concepts and distill them down to their essence so they are easy to digest.”

Elle Shelley EVP, Launch Forth

“[Chris] became an active community manager and always advocated for the co-creation process and community members alike, which has resulted in valuable customer intelligence and rich business insights.”

Joe Manna Social Media, Local Motors

“Chris has a talent in understanding a situation, breaking it down into manageable pieces, and applying logic and insight to solve the problem.”

Lucas Creasy Director of Programs, Local Motors


Why Strategy is Hard

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Brand Thinking Should Lead All Marketing Efforts

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Solitude & Leadership

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