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Services: Training, Planning and Doing

Brands break when they out­source too much and to the wrong peo­ple. So it can make a lot of sense to right-size your inter­nal team. But hir­ing a team to lead and make brand-rel­e­vant deci­sions costs mon­ey. So how do you get the work done, while pro­tect­ing your brand’s integri­ty? I can think of a few ways:

Training for Campaigns Creation

Get advanced con­tent and brand strate­gies from your exist­ing mar­ket­ing man­ag­er and inter­nal team, result­ing in a cam­paign cre­at­ed from scratch for one of your audi­ence seg­ments. Your staff can then repeat and adapt the process with­in your com­pa­ny. All they need is some strong guid­ance.

Coaching for Brand Strategy

Get clar­i­ty and exper­tise in the cre­ative process, with­out a bunch of wast­ed effort, through week­ly, client-led meet­ings review­ing progress, pri­or­i­tiz­ing and cre­at­ing action items and solu­tions that will bring clar­i­ty to the work and a less-exhaust­ing growth process for mar­ket­ing and brand lead­ers.

Leading Campaign Creation

Once we have the cre­ative brief, our next prob­lem is right-siz­ing the cre­ative exe­cu­tion. So how do you fill the team with a lev­el of skill and pro­fes­sion­al­ism with­out pay­ing agency rates? One way is to set up the project and bring the plan to life with the right cre­ative direc­tor and tal­ent to exe­cute your cam­paign well, with­out the cost­ly agency pitch process.

Planning the Brand Strategy

Strat­e­gy affects every­thing down­stream. Get a sim­ple, smart strat­e­gy with­out hav­ing to hire your own research and strat­e­gy team. I cre­ate the strat­e­gy, con­duct the inter­views, per­form research and build a brief that’s ready for review by a cre­ative direc­tor or agency.


Chris is one of the rare intel­lects in the world of cre­ative pur­suits. He will chal­lenge assump­tions and help you think through any prob­lem – then mind-map it out for you. He has the very envi­able trait of being able to take com­plex con­cepts and dis­till them down to their essence so they are easy to digest.”

Elle Shel­ley EVP, Launch Forth

[Chris] became an active com­mu­ni­ty man­ag­er and always advo­cat­ed for the co-cre­a­tion process and com­mu­ni­ty mem­bers alike, which has result­ed in valu­able cus­tomer intel­li­gence and rich busi­ness insights.”

Joe Man­na Social Media, Local Motors

Chris has a tal­ent in under­stand­ing a sit­u­a­tion, break­ing it down into man­age­able pieces, and apply­ing log­ic and insight to solve the prob­lem.”

Lucas Creasy Direc­tor of Pro­grams, Local Motors


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