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A 7-Step Process for Working “On” Your Business

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There’s a lot of talk about how entre­pre­neurs work “on” their busi­ness, rather than “in” it. And it’s some­times hard to get out of that mind space when we’re work­ing long hours just to get by. Well, here’s a sim­ple process for work­ing on your busi­ness.

Step 1: Define Success

Most com­pa­nies do it along these lines: make mon­ey and do rad stuff. But the real goal is do rad stuff, and then they find ways to turn it into mon­ey.

Step 2: Define “Rad Stuff”

Fig­ure out what “rad stuff” is, and then talk about the things you do to make rad stuff. Maybe it’s prod­ucts or class­es. Don’t for­get to list the things you hate or that are hard for you to do (ask me about how to offload those).

Step 3: Define Profit

Define how much mon­ey each one makes you. This will help you make the next deci­sion.

Step 4: Prioritize with Your Gut

Pri­or­i­tized, based on how rad it is and how much mon­ey it makes you. This is also called “Using Your Gut,” because this isn’t just about prof­it; it’s also about enjoy­ing the process.

Step 5: Plan Priority #1

Make a spe­cif­ic plan around your #1 pri­or­i­ty.

Step 6: Hand it Off

Once it’s going the way you want, hand if off to some­one else. But make sure they have clear work­flows and good bench­marks.

Step 7: Repeat

For pri­or­i­ties 2–7, sim­ply repeat. When you’re done, you can either cre­ate new projects or start over with #1, opti­miz­ing it fur­ther.

Suc­cess comes from get­ting out of the day-to-day for a few min­utes and think­ing about oppor­tu­ni­ties that will improve your ROI and your sat­is­fac­tion. It’s get­ting out of your busi­ness for a lit­tle while and work­ing on it. And it’s real­ly that sim­ple.

Your typ­i­cal busi­ness con­sul­tant wants this to seem com­pli­cat­ed. Unfor­tu­nate­ly, “com­pli­cat­ed” doesn’t move the nee­dle in your busi­ness. But clear pri­or­i­ties that work for you—your lead­er­ship style, the things you’re com­fort­able with, and things you like and don’t like to do—will push your busi­ness into new ter­ri­to­ry.

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