About Chris

Chris Being a Dad
I’m a brand and content strategist with 13 years in advertising. I’m thought of as a conceptually strong writer, and a competent strategist and theorist for my ability to both execute and train others in strategy and research.

Content strategy means coordinating your messages over time.

Focused repetition is convincing, because it shows your commitment and belief in your message. And the best strategies use every opportunity to build an understanding of your brand value into people’s hearts and minds.

Even brands with good leadership inside can be unconvincing.

It could be lack of skill, a half-effort or just a lack of coordination from one department to another.

How you solve it: The best brand leaders build bridges between senior leaders and creative work.

The best advocate for branding is someone who can both lead and inform the creative effort and make a convincing case to the leadership, helping them understand why things are being done the way they’re being done.

Because a good name is better than riches.

But if you’re looking for riches, a good name doesn’t hurt.