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Audience definition for our collective

The frus­tra­tion for most cre­ative firms is how to get “good” clients. And when you talk about a list of attrib­ut­es for “good” clients, it’s usu­al­ly a list of neg­a­tives. We want clients who won’t micro­man­age or won’t try to do our jobs or won’t dumb down an ad. What we want are clients with imag­i­na­tion. So here’s a lit­tle list I came up with Sat­ur­day. I describe three com­pa­ny attrib­ut­es that can be built upon, but are often left undis­cov­ered. Feel free to leave com­ment and help me think through it.

First, we want clients with vision. And that vision goes beyond sim­ply mak­ing mon­ey. It has to be a human vision. These busi­ness­es can include the prof­it-dri­ven com­pa­ny that has a vision for how to help peo­ple in some way and make a fair (even if it’s sub­stan­tial) prof­it off of it. The group can also include com­pa­nies that look more like non­prof­its in their abil­i­ty to con­nect with oth­er humans. But what it doesn’t include are com­mod­i­ty-sell­ing com­pa­nies who are inter­est­ed in com­pet­ing on price only, and just beat­ing the hell out of cus­tomers by buy­ing repeat media.

I believe 80% of star­tups are vision­ary. After a few years of not know­ing how to build a vision, it drops to10%. I believe there’s a mar­ket for a cre­ative group that can help peo­ple remem­ber their vision, recov­er it and exe­cute.

The sec­ond group are peo­ple with clear, long-term goals. This can be a huge area of growth. After all, most of us have a vague pic­ture of our future, but our dai­ly activ­i­ties aren’t actu­al­ly tak­ing us there. Some com­pa­nies aren’t at all seri­ous about the work it takes, and they don’t have the help to be able to exe­cute an oper­a­tion. So they wouldn’t be worth work­ing with.

I esti­mate that about 70% of busi­ness­es have an under­de­vel­oped goal struc­ture that, if acti­vat­ed, would give them an imme­di­ate and sub­stan­tial boost. If goals are defined, cre­ativ­i­ty stops being ran­dom and starts being focused and inter­est­ing.

Final­ly, about 100% of orga­ni­za­tions have bar­ri­ers between their long-term and short-term goals. But here’s the thing. Lots of those com­pa­nies feel they have every­thing tak­en care of already. And some do. But often times, this is where peo­ple lose their orig­i­nal pas­sion: they don’t know how to reach their ide­al goals, so instead of get­ting help, they change their goals to bor­ing, more “obtain­able” goals.

So we’re look­ing for peo­ple who want that pas­sion back. They want to be dif­fer­ent, and they want to stop believ­ing in the lies that got them to the place of medi­oc­rity. If there’s a mar­ket for your vision, even if it’s unclear, it’s time to get brave and talk to a cre­ative strate­gist.