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Leadership and Delegation: When Navy SEALs Lose Momentum

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Scal­ing is impos­si­ble with­out del­e­ga­tion. On the oth­er hand, del­e­gat­ing to smart, capa­ble peo­ple can be intim­i­dat­ing and make you feel out of con­trol. But if you can ignore the details while focus­ing on the goal of every busi­ness func­tion, you can effec­tive­ly del­e­gate. As an added bonus, you’ll be able to learn from them, […]

You Can't Outsource Leadership

How to Lead a Change Agent

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Change agents run into prob­lems when they bring pow­er­ful vision and hope into an inse­cure com­pa­ny. When they arrive, lead­ers can feel as though their cul­ture and goal, maybe even their posi­tion and author­i­ty, are threat­ened. But the answer isn’t to give up. Instead, find out how to turn a change agent from your per­son­al […]

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Less Talk. More Action.

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No gim­micks, and no tech­niques. The only way to build char­ac­ter is to go through it. It’s easy to talk about how bad racism is and how hor­ri­ble Enron was, and we should. But char­ac­ter is only formed when it costs you something…when you put process behind your words. So say the right thing. But […]

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Servant-Leadership: Service First

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Serv­ing is behind-the-scenes dis­ci­pline. For exam­ple, work­ing out your body hap­pens when you want to look good, but it also hap­pens when you want to be able to car­ry your wife and kids out of a burn­ing building…sometimes when nobody can see. Every­one wants to do the vis­i­ble things, because they bring the praise. But […]