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Less Talk. More Action.

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No gimmicks, and no techniques. The only way to build character is to go through it. It’s easy to talk about how bad racism is and how horrible Enron was, and we should. But character is only formed when it costs you something…when you put process behind your words. So say the right thing. But […]

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Servant-Leadership: Service First

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Serving is behind-the-scenes discipline. For example, working out your body happens when you want to look good, but it also happens when you want to be able to carry your wife and kids out of a burning building…sometimes when nobody can see. Everyone wants to do the visible things, because they bring the praise. But […]

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Management v. Love

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Servant-leaders win hearts, because they choose to respect others and their needs. That means finding out what those needs are. I hope you’re finding those skills in this issue. If you are, I hope you let them strengthen your heart in love for those you’re serving. Discuss in Slack.

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Happiness v. Joy

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An action-based life comes from the discipline of making good, hard decisions. Are there decisions you should be making faster? Practice making those decisions quickly, and watch how things move forward. Discuss in Slack.

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Truth Attracts the Honorable

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Integrity and truth attract great employees and customers. But why do you need tactics? Shouldn’t the tactics come naturally for people who have integrity? I used to think that. Then I realized that, with all my integrity, I had blind spots. In fact, I’m sure I still do. So how do you work it out […]

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Servant-leadership: The Decision to Serve

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Servant-leadership is the counter-intuitive way to build profitable relationships with the people who matter most. But most people don’t know what it is. So let’s cut through the quick-fix and get to what makes it so challenging. Everyone’s a Leader These Days Everyone seems to think they’re a leader. The term has almost entirely lost […]