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How to Lead a Change Agent

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Change agents run into problems when they bring powerful vision and hope into an insecure company. When they arrive, leaders can feel as though their culture and goal, maybe even their position and authority, are threatened. But the answer isn’t to give up. Instead, find out how to turn a change agent from your personal […]

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Happiness v. Joy

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An action-based life comes from the discipline of making good, hard decisions. Are there decisions you should be making faster? Practice making those decisions quickly, and watch how things move forward. Discuss in Slack.

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Management v. Love

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Servant-leaders win hearts, because they choose to respect others and their needs. That means finding out what those needs are. I hope you’re finding those skills in this issue. If you are, I hope you let them strengthen your heart in love for those you’re serving. Discuss in Slack.