Episode 4 // Podcasts: Build Your Brand with Speed

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Quote: “Most peo­ple I know are inter­est­ed in on-demand stuff; Pod­casts are essen­tial­ly audio Net­flix.” -Jor­dan Har­bin­ger Why Should You Do a Pod­cast? Pod­cast as an Inter­view: Devel­op­ment through artic­u­la­tion. When you talk about it, you devel­op con­tent and back­sto­ry to your brand. Pod­cast as Lead­er­ship: Go from com­mod­i­ty to irre­placa­ble. Pod­cast as Per­son­al Inter­ac­tion. […]

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Podcast Episode 2 // A Process for Becoming an Authority in Your Domain

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Suc­cess isn’t always about great­ness. It’s about con­sis­ten­cy. Con­sis­tent hard work leads to suc­cess. Great­ness will come.” -Dwayne “the Rock” John­son Brand­ing is Lead­er­ship, Direct­ed toward a Pur­pose Con­ssis­ten­cy; it’s what great brands do. They make promis­es based on who they are and what they can back up. This is called “integri­ty.” But brand­ing is […]

Episode 1 // Everyone’s Doing Branding Wrong

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A good name is bet­ter than rich­es.” Most peo­ple mis­un­der­stand brand­ing today. And it’s cost­ing them. Most peo­ple want a brand because they know it rais­es mar­gins, that great brands keep employ­ees and that their focus caus­es them to accom­plish much more with what they have. Com­pa­nies Invest in the Wrong Things Mon­ey: spend too […]