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Covey’s Golden Egg

Cul­ti­vat­ing your brand is like grow­ing a gold­en goose. By keep­ing it healthy and work­ing, you get con­sis­tent gold­en eggs. But if you start neglect­ing the goose and start try­ing to force it to make more eggs, its health can decline.

It seems like we do this a lot with our brand. We stand for some­thing, but then we end up sell­ing out our brand with unwise trans­ac­tions that result in tem­po­rary gain. We run down our goose by try­ing to take more from it than it can give.

We need to make sure we under­stand what it means to brand, and how that pro­vides val­ue to peo­ple. It’s dif­fer­ent for every com­pa­ny. But if we don’t have good the­o­ry about why our brand works, we’re unlike­ly to be able to make good deci­sions about how to cul­ti­vate it.