Episode 4 // Podcasts: Build Your Brand with Speed

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Quote: “Most people I know are interested in on-demand stuff; Podcasts are essentially audio Netflix.” -Jordan Harbinger

Why Should You Do a Podcast?

  • Podcast as an Interview: Development through articulation. When you talk about it, you develop content and backstory to your brand.
  • Podcast as Leadership: Go from commodity to irreplacable.
  • Podcast as Personal Interaction. You develop warm leads, because they know you.
  • And then there’s speed. It’s a light lift, it builds trust quickly, and you’re ready to do it today.

What’s in the Way?

  • Where do you begin?
  • Most people don’t know how to interview.
  • Most people can’t tell a story.

What to Talk about in Your Podcast

  • Authority: Tell them the right way to think about your product, market or how to solve their problem right.
  • Tell them what you’re working on.
  • Tell them a little-known cross-sell or upsell. Offer something for podcast-listeners only.

But the key to this is offer value before you ask for business.

Who Shouldn’t Podcast

If your brand vision is about money, and you don’t see any real difference between you and your competitors, podcasts are dangerous.

If you’ve enjoyed this outline, and you want to learn more about standing up a brand in your own organization using brand and content strategy and the brand hacking method, which means keeping it simple and iterating quickly, then let’s talk.

Bio: I’m Chris Stadler, and I’ve been watching, working, studying and consulting for brands since 2004. I will show you how to right-size your promises so that they’re promises you can keep. Because it’s not the expensive branding agencies that make great brands; they’re just the decorators. It’s your leadership and integrity that make it all work. But it takes process.