Episode 4 // Podcasts: Build Your Brand with Speed

Quote: “Most peo­ple I know are inter­est­ed in on-demand stuff; Pod­casts are essen­tial­ly audio Net­flix.” ‑Jor­dan Har­bin­ger

Why Should You Do a Pod­cast?

  • Pod­cast as an Inter­view: Devel­op­ment through artic­u­la­tion. When you talk about it, you devel­op con­tent and back­sto­ry to your brand.
  • Pod­cast as Lead­er­ship: Go from com­mod­i­ty to irre­placa­ble.
  • Pod­cast as Per­son­al Inter­ac­tion. You devel­op warm leads, because they know you.
  • And then there’s speed. It’s a light lift, it builds trust quick­ly, and you’re ready to do it today.

What’s in the Way?

  • Where do you begin?
  • Most peo­ple don’t know how to inter­view.
  • Most peo­ple can’t tell a sto­ry.

What to Talk about in Your Podcast

  • Author­i­ty: Tell them the right way to think about your prod­uct, mar­ket or how to solve their prob­lem right.
  • Tell them what you’re work­ing on.
  • Tell them a lit­tle-known cross-sell or upsell. Offer some­thing for pod­cast-lis­ten­ers only.

But the key to this is offer val­ue before you ask for busi­ness.

Who Shouldn’t Podcast

If your brand vision is about mon­ey, and you don’t see any real dif­fer­ence between you and your com­peti­tors, pod­casts are dan­ger­ous.

If you’ve enjoyed this out­line, and you want to learn more about stand­ing up a brand in your own orga­ni­za­tion using brand and con­tent strat­e­gy and the brand hack­ing method, which means keep­ing it sim­ple and iter­at­ing quick­ly, then let’s talk.

Bio: I’m Chris Stadler, and I’ve been watch­ing, work­ing, study­ing and con­sult­ing for brands since 2004. I will show you how to right-size your promis­es so that they’re promis­es you can keep. Because it’s not the expen­sive brand­ing agen­cies that make great brands; they’re just the dec­o­ra­tors. It’s your lead­er­ship and integri­ty that make it all work. But it takes process.