Episode 7 // The Gift of Adversity

Adversity Mind Map

Quote: “The beau­ty of the soul shines out when one endures one mis­chance after anoth­er, not because he does not feel them, but because he is a man of high and hero­ic tem­per. ” -Aris­to­tle


Adversity Gives You Gifts Leading to Independence and Self-Leadership

When you build a con­tempt for emp­ty promis­es and a love for humil­i­ty and patience, sud­den­ly, doing the wrong thing seems less tempt­ing and like a betray­al of hon­or.

The 3 Gifts of Adversity

  • Patience comes from a focus on the right things, and a belief that doing the right things comes with its own reward, to include inevitable finan­cial suc­cess. But you’d rather do it with hon­or and have very lit­tle than to be rich and sell your hon­or.
  • Humil­i­ty gives you objec­tiv­i­ty and Fin­ger­spitzenge­fuehl (fin­ger­tip feel) for what’s real­ly going on, since you’re not try­ing to avoid know­ing things that might hurt your high view of your­self.
  • Con­tempt for the Empti­ness of Evil gives you a sen­si­tiv­i­ty for what’s good and a con­tempt for emp­ty promis­es. With this come bet­ter rela­tion­ships, more trust and more val­ue exchanged at every lev­el.

Adversity Gives You Independence if You Choose Growth

Adver­si­ty gives you these things…if you want them. Some peo­ple are so focused on the num­bers that they for­get about right and wrong. It’s always right to priv­i­lege a per­son over a dol­lar. That might mean say­ing “no,” if it’s for their own good or yours.

You can choose to let adver­si­ty emp­ty your brand, your lead­er­ship and your char­ac­ter, or you can choose to allow it to fill you up. And it’s up to you.

If you’ve enjoyed this out­line, and you want to learn more about stand­ing up a brand in your own orga­ni­za­tion using brand and con­tent strat­e­gy and the brand hack­ing method, which means keep­ing it sim­ple and iter­at­ing quick­ly, then let’s talk.

Bio: I’m Chris Stadler, and I believe I’m inter­est­ed in show­ing brands how to right-size your promis­es so that they’re promis­es you can keep. Because it’s not the expen­sive brand­ing agen­cies that make great brands; they’re just the dec­o­ra­tors. It’s your lead­er­ship and integri­ty that make it all work. So get into the process.