Adversity Mind Map

Episode 7 // The Gift of Adversity

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Quote: “The beauty of the soul shines out when one endures one mischance after another, not because he does not feel them, but because he is a man of high and heroic temper. ” -Aristotle


Adversity Gives You Gifts Leading to Independence and Self-Leadership

When you build a contempt for empty promises and a love for humility and patience, suddenly, doing the wrong thing seems less tempting and like a betrayal of honor.

The 3 Gifts of Adversity

  • Patience comes from a focus on the right things, and a belief that doing the right things comes with its own reward, to include inevitable financial success. But you’d rather do it with honor and have very little than to be rich and sell your honor.
  • Humility gives you objectivity and Fingerspitzengefuehl (fingertip feel) for what’s really going on, since you’re not trying to avoid knowing things that might hurt your high view of yourself.
  • Contempt for the Emptiness of Evil gives you a sensitivity for what’s good and a contempt for empty promises. With this come better relationships, more trust and more value exchanged at every level.

Adversity Gives You Independence if You Choose Growth

Adversity gives you these things…if you want them. Some people are so focused on the numbers that they forget about right and wrong. It’s always right to privilege a person over a dollar. That might mean saying “no,” if it’s for their own good or yours.

You can choose to let adversity empty your brand, your leadership and your character, or you can choose to allow it to fill you up. And it’s up to you.

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