Episode 9 // Solitude and Leadership

Solitude & Leadership

If you want oth­ers to fol­low, learn to be alone with your thoughts.” -William Dere­siewicz

Find­ing your­self has a bad con­no­ta­tion. We think it means being unfo­cused. But it’s real­ly the oppo­site. Espe­cial­ly for brands. How will we rec­og­nize tyran­ny? How will we avoid being anoth­er Enron?

Brands must be led from the inside…always cul­ti­vate their own ideas. Oth­er­wise, they’re only either react­ing to, or agree­ing with, the ideas of the day.

In this episode, I read Deresiewicz’s 2009 address to West Point’s plebe class, where he gives us a key dis­ci­pline in under­stand­ing how to think and lead in a world of infor­ma­tion over­load, tired best prac­tices and bureau­cra­cy.