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How brand thinking serves ethics

Brand think­ing helps the adver­tis­ing indus­try look for long-term ben­e­fits for its clients (the adver­tis­ers). Agen­cies and cre­atives who think this way tend to push clients to pro­vide sub­stance to back up their claims.

In oth­er words, those agen­cies pro­vide pres­sure for their clients to be com­pa­nies of integri­ty (com­pa­nies that are con­sis­tent and trust­wor­thy in an “inte­grat­ed” way).

This has a cleans­ing influ­ence on busi­ness, because it demands an increas­ing lev­el of gen­uine­ness and then shares it with soci­ety, cre­at­ing long-term, earned trust and lead­er­ship. And this is good for con­sumers, and it’s good for the econ­o­my.

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