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How branding can hurt you

I’ve heard peo­ple claim that brand­ing is dead. But it’ll real­ly only be dead when humans become some­thing oth­er than per­son­al beings. Still, there are some sit­u­a­tions you real­ly shouldn’t try to do brand­ing. After all, a brand is a well-devel­oped phi­los­o­phy of who and what an enti­ty is. It’s com­plex. This means it can be real­ly pow­er­ful, but it can be mucked up.

You can pay an agency to make you look good, but it’s lip­stick on a pig if you can’t take lead­er­ship. The orga­ni­za­tion can use the agency to help them find a direc­tion, but then the orga­ni­za­tion has to buy into it. And you know what else? They have to under­stand the phi­los­o­phy and be able to extend it and read­just down the road.

If they’re pay­ing an ad agency to do that for them, but they’re not ready to lead the change they’re ask­ing the agency to claim for them, they’re ask­ing for a long string of dis­ap­point­ed cus­tomers and increased frus­tra­tion. By tak­ing on a brand image it can’t back up, mak­ing promis­es (both explic­it and implic­it) it can’t keep, it’ll be worse than if they’d nev­er rebrand­ed.

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