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It’s easier to sell to clients than it is to help them

It’s easy to make an ad that flat­ters the client. Just talk about the things they’re proud of, and you’re sure to build trust and make them feel you’re on their team. In oth­er words, talk about what the client cares about, but not about what their cus­tomer cares about.

The rea­son clients care about this is that it flat­ters the client, and from their point of view, that should sell. Because clients rou­tine­ly think that all that’s required is that con­sumers know about them and how good they are.

Local ads are borne of agen­cies that feed the myth that cus­tomers care about how good you think you are. But good agen­cies — agen­cies that are real­ly effec­tive, know that it’s about the audi­ence ben­e­fit. And every­thing a com­pa­ny says about itself should help peo­ple under­stand the val­ue that they pro­vide.

If you real­ize this truth, you start writ­ing ads that work, because they’re ads about the cus­tomer, not about the com­pa­ny.