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Less Talk. More Action.

Mini Mind Maps less talk more action

No gim­micks, and no tech­niques. The only way to build char­ac­ter is to go through it. It’s easy to talk about how bad racism is and how hor­ri­ble Enron was, and we should. But char­ac­ter is only formed when it costs you something…when you put process behind your words.

So say the right thing. But don’t stop there. Do it.

Don’t Just Think about Listening. Do It.

Lis­ten­ing helps you deliv­er rel­e­vant truths in your mar­ket­ing that make promis­es that you can keep for the long term. In oth­er words, short-term gains with less cost and more long-term momen­tum. But a fail­ure to turn inten­tion into dis­ci­pline will get you nowhere.

So how do you gain insights and a firm hold on why cus­tomers real­ly like you?

  1. Build your own 1-week plan for gath­er­ing insights, based on the one in this arti­cle. Write it on one page.
  2. Use it for a week and record results. No excus­es; if you run into a snag, push past it to get the results you need.
  3. Talk about what went well and what didn’t.
  4. Post it in the Face­book.
  5. Win­ner joins the pod­cast and talks about it.

Tell us your plan and progress on Slack.