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My failure as a strategist

I was frus­trat­ed. The tech com­pa­ny that I helped found was focused too much on the day-to-day, with­out a clear long-term goal. And this was most­ly my fault.

A strate­gist real­izes that it doesn’t mat­ter where you are tomor­row, as long as you’re where you want to be in a year. This out­look (this free­dom) is nec­es­sary to build the foun­da­tion for long-term suc­cess. This wasn’t where I failed.

Also, a strate­gist needs a clear truth (e.g. goal) for the long term in order to ori­ent today’s short-term activ­i­ties. Any oth­er basis for short-term deci­sions is non­sense. And I was right in look­ing for this truth.

My fail­ure was my inabil­i­ty to see what was real­ly going on: that short-term activ­i­ties are impor­tant for morale, as well as for short-term cash flow. I should have worked hard­er to help ori­ent those short-term activ­i­ties to long-term goals.