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Gain Lasting Authority with Customers

Authority comes when you offer the right kind of value, because you have it inside you. That’s when you become relevant and trusted. So is this whole marketing thing about technique, or is it about personal growth as a leader?

Let me put it another way. Which is harder to outsource: technique or great leadership with integrity, that can earn trust because you’re trustworthy?

If that’s you, if you’re committed to being the real deal, not a fake who depends on technique, then welcome. Because we’re here to do it right, no matter what level you’re at.

Who Are You?

– You’re a young professional who wants to fight the good fight, and grow in marketing skill. But not only that. You want to be a legitimate leader, but you want to do it today.

– You’re in a young company, wearing lots of hats, and you want to build your brand on relationships and respect, rather than churning through customers. Because you know how wasteful that is.

Get Actionable Steps and Examples

Don’t just read it; use it. Remember, this mailer is meant to be used, not just read. I encourage you to interact with at least one piece of this mailer. And when you do, I’d love to hear about it in Slack.

Grow As A Marketing Leader

You’ll get articles that will support your growth as a marketing leader, able to build relationships with your customers, build a department and grow in your profession. Articles covering topics like:

  • 3 Things to Look for in A Marketing Consultant
  • 10 Ways Research is Hurting Marketing Efforts
  • 3 Headline-Writing Disciplines for People Wearing Lots of Hats
  • 5 Tips for Getting the Best Work out of a Designer
  • The #1 Strategy Mistake Marketing Managers Make
  • 3 Leadership Skills for a Remote Team
  • Understanding the 2 Cognitive Styles in Marketing
  • 3 Steps to Building Your Marketing Process

Topics That Support Authentic Leadership

We’ve all known successful people who still haven’t been able to gain the respect of others. Many times, they’ve taken shortcuts to “success.” But the skills and attitudes that we’ll be building will support authentic leadership, ethical and trust-building marketing practices, and processes to help you achieve goals. And as a leader who’s focused on understanding how stuff works, so you can serve others, you’ll gain the skills and maturity you need to create a business with great potential.

Oh, and I almost forgot…

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I made a few cheat sheets that will help you remember some basics of marketing planning that will tie them into your brand’s leadership. They’re simple, easy to understand and follow, and they’re printable.

Print it out. Write on it. Use it to unify your team. Make it your own. The 3 pack is a PDF that you get just for signing up.

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