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Gain Lasting Authority with Customers

Author­i­ty comes when you offer the right kind of val­ue, because you have it inside you. That’s when you become rel­e­vant and trust­ed. So is this whole mar­ket­ing thing about tech­nique, or is it about per­son­al growth as a leader?

Let me put it anoth­er way. Which is hard­er to out­source: tech­nique or great lead­er­ship with integri­ty, that can earn trust because you’re trust­wor­thy?

If that’s you, if you’re com­mit­ted to being the real deal, not a fake who depends on tech­nique, then wel­come. Because we’re here to do it right, no mat­ter what lev­el you’re at.

Who Are You?

- You’re a young pro­fes­sion­al who wants to fight the good fight, and grow in mar­ket­ing skill. But not only that. You want to be a legit­i­mate leader, but you want to do it today.

- You’re in a young com­pa­ny, wear­ing lots of hats, and you want to build your brand on rela­tion­ships and respect, rather than churn­ing through cus­tomers. Because you know how waste­ful that is.

Get Actionable Steps and Examples

Don’t just read it; use it. Remem­ber, this mail­er is meant to be used, not just read. I encour­age you to inter­act with at least one piece of this mail­er. And when you do, I’d love to hear about it in Slack.

Grow As A Marketing Leader

You’ll get arti­cles that will sup­port your growth as a mar­ket­ing leader, able to build rela­tion­ships with your cus­tomers, build a depart­ment and grow in your pro­fes­sion. Arti­cles cov­er­ing top­ics like:

  • 3 Things to Look for in A Mar­ket­ing Con­sul­tant
  • 10 Ways Research is Hurt­ing Mar­ket­ing Efforts
  • 3 Head­­­line-Writ­ing Dis­ci­plines for Peo­ple Wear­ing Lots of Hats
  • 5 Tips for Get­ting the Best Work out of a Design­er
  • The #1 Strat­e­gy Mis­take Mar­ket­ing Man­agers Make
  • 3 Lead­er­ship Skills for a Remote Team
  • Under­stand­ing the 2 Cog­ni­tive Styles in Mar­ket­ing
  • 3 Steps to Build­ing Your Mar­ket­ing Process

Topics That Support Authentic Leadership

We’ve all known suc­cess­ful peo­ple who still haven’t been able to gain the respect of oth­ers. Many times, they’ve tak­en short­cuts to “suc­cess.” But the skills and atti­tudes that we’ll be build­ing will sup­port authen­tic lead­er­ship, eth­i­cal and trust-build­ing mar­ket­ing prac­tices, and process­es to help you achieve goals. And as a leader who’s focused on under­stand­ing how stuff works, so you can serve oth­ers, you’ll gain the skills and matu­ri­ty you need to cre­ate a busi­ness with great poten­tial.

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Print it out. Write on it. Use it to uni­fy your team. Make it your own. The 3 pack is a PDF that you get just for sign­ing up.

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