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Rapid brand prototyping | Step 3: catalog efforts

When we under­stand why our activ­i­ties are effec­tive, we can focus our activ­i­ties to get bet­ter results.

Here’s what I mean. Some orga­ni­za­tions brand before they open. But most evolve while they’re oper­at­ing, doing both brand strat­e­gy (top-down think­ing) and study­ing their oper­a­tions (bot­tom-up eval­u­a­tion) con­cur­rent­ly. And being able to eval­u­ate our cur­rent oper­a­tions clos­es the feed­back loop. But it’s only effec­tive if we know WHY what we’re doing works or doesn’t work.

For exam­ple, some peo­ple try radio adver­tis­ing and say “It worked. Our sales went up. So we’ll keep doing it.” Yet, if you take a clos­er look, you might find that there were oth­er con­tribut­ing fac­tors regard­ing why. And under­stand­ing why stuff works helps you to under­stand how to use it.

So in sum­ma­ry, being able to under­stand why stuff works for us and why it doesn’t helps us to be more skill­ful in using those dif­fer­ent tools to our advan­tage.

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This is part of a 5-post series out­lin­ing a rapid-brand-pro­to­typ­ing mod­el that orga­ni­za­tions can use to under­stand how to get pow­er from who they are and what they do. These steps are a guide, but they’re not a replace­ment for expe­ri­ence and apti­tude. Trans­la­tion: not just any­one with “Brand Expert” on their busi­ness card can pull this off.