Rapid brand prototyping | Step 3: catalog efforts

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When we understand why our activities are effective, we can focus our activities to get better results.

Here’s what I mean. Some organizations brand before they open. But most evolve while they’re operating, doing both brand strategy (top-down thinking) and studying their operations (bottom-up evaluation) concurrently. And being able to evaluate our current operations closes the feedback loop. But it’s only effective if we know WHY what we’re doing works or doesn’t work.

For example, some people try radio advertising and say “It worked. Our sales went up. So we’ll keep doing it.” Yet, if you take a closer look, you might find that there were other contributing factors regarding why. And understanding why stuff works helps you to understand how to use it.

So in summary, being able to understand why stuff works for us and why it doesn’t helps us to be more skillful in using those different tools to our advantage.

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This is part of a 5-post series outlining a rapid-brand-prototyping model that organizations can use to understand how to get power from who they are and what they do. These steps are a guide, but they’re not a replacement for experience and aptitude. Translation: not just anyone with “Brand Expert” on their business card can pull this off.