Team teaching: helping students build theory

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One of the biggest advan­tages in team teach­ing is what hap­pens when stu­dents see instruc­tors respect­ful­ly dis­agree. It tells them that their teacher doesn’t know every­thing. It helps them to weigh the state­ments that are com­ing from the front of the room. But not only that, it makes them choose between two informed alter­na­tives. And […]

Transfer of concept: teaching students to think

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The first time I was ever asked to actu­al­ly think was in high school physics class. For instance, Mr. Thale would tell us a sto­ry about Archimedes. Then he’d give us a sci­ence prob­lem whose solu­tion depend­ed on the use of Archimedes’ prin­ci­ple. But here’s the thing: he nev­er told us how the two relat­ed […]