Adversity Mind Map

Episode 7 // The Gift of Adversity

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Quote: “The beau­ty of the soul shines out when one endures one mis­chance after anoth­er, not because he does not feel them, but because he is a man of high and hero­ic tem­per. ” ‑Aris­to­tle   Adver­si­ty Gives You Gifts Lead­ing to Inde­pen­dence and Self-Lead­er­ship When you build a con­tempt for emp­ty promis­es and a […]

Chivalry is art, not nature

Episode 7 // Chivalrous Branding

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Quote: “…the peo­ple must either be chival­rous on its own resources, or else choose between the two remain­ing alter­na­tives of bru­tal­i­ty and soft­ness. This indeed, part of the gen­er­al prob­lem of a class­less soci­ety, which is too sel­dom men­tioned. Will its ethos be a syn­the­sis of what was best in all the class­es, or a […]