Creative Briefing and Delegation

Delegating Wrong and How to Fix It

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These days, we’re not sup­posed to be so closed-mind­ed as to say that something’s wrong. So let’s just say the exact same thing, but be more polit­i­cal­ly cor­rect about it: unless you’re del­e­gat­ing effec­tive­ly, you’re not like­ly to achieve excel­lence. But that doesn’t quite pack the same punch. The truth is, del­e­ga­tion isn’t just about […]

Mini Mind Maps put listening to work

Insight Planning: Putting “Listening” to Work

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Push­ing toward a rel­e­vant truth is the clear­est path­way to hearts and minds. If you can deliv­er on rel­e­vant truths con­sis­tent­ly, you’ll find that rela­tion­ships fol­low. But why is it so hard to find these truths? We’re gonna talk about why it’s hard, and then illus­trate the process using a sim­ple exam­ple. Insight Plan­ning Tells […]

Why Tasks are Bad for Leaders and Problem Solvers

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Lead­ers are prob­lem solvers, among oth­er things. But lots of lead­ers end up com­plet­ing tasks and putting out fires rather than actu­al­ly solv­ing prob­lems. How It Looks Busi­ness­es need lead­ers who can show them what the future looks like…people who can see prob­lems and under­stand why they’re prob­lems and exact­ly what they’re made of, down to the […]

Wireframing + unpacking the process

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In web pro­gram­ming, the best design­ers break the process down into steps. The first step is draw­ing what the site will look like on paper. The sec­ond step, wire­fram­ing, makes sure every­thing’s con­nect­ing; test­ing the lay­out with links to show that it actu­al­ly func­tions in that lay­out. It’s only after wire­fram­ing that you actu­al­ly insert […]