Why Strategy is Hard

Episode 11 // Why You Can’t Outsource Brand Strategy

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Brand lead­er­ship, and its asso­ci­at­ed deci­sions, must hap­pen with­in the brand.” Brands can’t out­source brand strat­e­gy deci­sions, but they can get help from hands-on con­sul­tants who can teach them through the process and help them under­stand how to ques­tion and under­stand the research and, ulti­mate­ly, their cus­tomers.

How professional fighters teach businesses to apply strategy to devastating effect

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Pro­fes­sion­al fight­ers and their train­ers are excel­lent strate­gists. In fact, there are three strat­e­­gy-ori­en­t­ed attrib­ut­es they have in com­mon with busi­ness that allow them to ampli­fy their raw fight­ing skills in the ring: curios­i­ty, the­o­ry and real-time, tac­ti­cal adjust­ment. Curios­i­ty [cre­at­ing a coor­di­nat­ed and insight­ful sit­u­a­tion map]: They watch tape of the fight­er they’re about […]

Dissecting strategy education: art + science

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Strat­e­gy has two parts: art and sci­ence. There’s sci­ence in the research to gain the infor­ma­tion and an art in devel­op­ing hunch­es that lead you to the right insights. There’s art in con­nect­ing the dots to cre­ate a mean­ing­ful “big pic­ture;” and there’s sci­ence in test­ing those con­nec­tions log­i­cal­ly. Arthur F. Lykke, Jr. for­mu­lat­ed a […]

Research is a small part of planning

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When you’re an adver­tis­ing instruc­tor — or an instruc­tor of any­thing, for that mat­ter — you’re always hear­ing new ways of mis­un­der­stand­ing basic prin­ci­ples. And I usu­al­ly find that those mis­con­cep­tions serve to help me under­stand the con­cept bet­ter than I did before. For instance, I had a stu­dent com­plain that we spent too much […]

Presenting convincingly + 10 tips

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The pur­pose of a pre­sen­ta­tion is to change the way some­one thinks or feels. And it’s usu­al­ly to inspire some action. So the first step in pre­sent­ing is to fig­ure out what your goal is for your audi­ence. Once you know that, here are some things that will help you be effec­tive: The research As […]