Discovery Raises the Competitive Bar in Your Industry

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Dis­cov­ery paves the way for cre­ation. As Gar­ry Kas­parov, one of the great­est chess grand mas­ters points out, you only want to attack from a posi­tion of strength. Dis­cov­ery pro­vides the strength to aggres­sive­ly attack mis­con­cep­tions. In fact, cre­ativ­i­ty is often a bold attack on assump­tions. It’s a mas­sive­ly effec­tive re-edu­­ca­­tion. In order to jus­ti­fy […]

How to Recognize a Strategist

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When some­one asks you if you’re preg­nant, you either are, or you’re not. Strat­e­gy is not like that. You can be doing strat­e­gy, but your process and emo­tion­al state might be too rushed to do it very well. So, when we talk about “strat­e­gy,” we’re real­ly talk­ing about “effec­tive” strat­e­gy. And while we’re nit­pick­ing, maybe […]