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The CEO triple-threat

Many of the best CEOs are both a leader, vision­ary and a strate­gist.

What’s the dif­fer­ence? Lead­ers are will­ing to go ahead of peo­ple and can inspire. Vision helps them to imag­ine pos­si­bil­i­ties. Their strate­gic nature allows them to see how it all fits togeth­er.

This is great for CEOs, because  a CEO catch­es the exist­ing vision of the com­pa­ny, inter­prets that vision through her own eyes, and then sees the gen­er­al direc­tion and gen­er­al strat­e­gy poten­tial (tak­ing into account research and see­ing the big pic­ture). Then, using her under­stand­ing of morale, she inspires her team to do their jobs in pur­suit of the goals.

But “lead­ers of men” are not always great strate­gists. Some of them are sim­ply great pub­lic speak­ers that dri­ve their com­pa­nies or coun­tries into the ground. And a great strate­gist nev­er gets off the ground with­out being able to get peo­ple on the same sheet of music. And mil­lions of home­less peo­ple are vision­ar­ies (who nev­er push hard to get their vision test­ed, which is part of the learning/growth process).

So you could be a vision­ary and be home­less. But strat­e­gy puri­fies vision (through the­o­ret­i­cal bench-test­ing (thought exper­i­ments) and build­ing a big pic­ture). And lead­er­ship acti­vates peo­ple around that strat­e­gy.