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I’m Chris

I Help Small Companies Get Organized

Build a Business that Doesn’t Need You

The Holy Grail in most businesses is not being needed. And even if you love working in your business, it’s nice to know you’re organized enough to take a few weeks off, to not take weekend phone calls. And then know you’re building an investment you could one day sell or hand off to family.

To get there, you need a business that doesn’t need you.

If this is you, we should talk.


Make your business fun again.

Organize with Workshops

Most business want to grow, to eventually sell or hand the business off to family. Sometimes businesses just need to be organized enough to give their staff some vacation time. And owners and CEOs need breaks too.

So how do build a business that’s organized? With the right mindset, it’s not hard. But it takes time, and it takes top-down organization.

My workshops walk you through the process, setting and prioritizing tasks, so you can organize your business.


The delegation workshop is for owners and CEOs who end up taking. on everything thrown their way. So we define the hats you’re wearing. Prioritize. Then delegate.


Messy processes and case-by-case decisionmaking hinders growth, since you need a decisionmaker present at all times. So we work to expose those areas, prioritize and then solve.



A disorganized business is a demanding business. But if you can locate those parts of the business that require too much attention, and create processes around them, you could hand off a business that’s set up for success.

Even though plans never work out perfectly, planning prepares you for 90% of problems.

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