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Chris Stadler

B2B content strategies for technology

Teach people how to think about your industry and become irreplaceable.

Build Authority over time

Price competition is for boring companies that don’t believe in themselves.

But when you’re intent on making people smarter and more capable, and you can structure and deliver that in way that elevates the conversation, you’re not a price competitor.

You stand apart.


Plan your strategy based on what you know. Generate some research questions and go get a few answers. But don’t let the grass grow. Get after it.


Build and publish, based on your plan. Keep it simple, focused, and true.


Measure results because, but not because it defines success. You can’t control that.

Focus on what you control: the actual communication you generate.

Basic Skills

A fractional CMO should own marketing and make it make sense to you. Here are a few skills.


Strategy & Research

Strategy should be practical…and not take forever.

I enjoy finding opportunities through research and from my own experience.

Creative Direction

Creative should be direct.

I’ve taught writing and design at a university known for turning out great ad students. I focus on writing and editing, and I can give intelligible feedback on design.

Management & Team Building

I’m not talking about trust falls.

I build plans and processes, then hire competent teams to execute them.


Even though plans never work out perfectly, planning prepares you for 90% of problems.

Brands I’ve Worked For