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Hi, I’m Chris

Manager of creative projects.

Not Ex-Nihilo…but close

I’m known to take someone else’s vision, which is basically air, and make it into project steps. I’ve managed hundreds of projects, from websites and rebrands to content strategies, but my passion is creating a project from a dream.¬†Especially one involving technology.


Wondering what you can do with your budget and some good organization? You might be surprised.

Creative Direction

Creatives can be tough. I’ve been one. I’ve been known to help troubled creatives look like heroes.


Starting out as a copywriter, I come complete with the ability to QA all creative, top to bottom.



Timeline, budget, quality are my three middle names. Along with “James.” That’s in there too.


New, standardized methods of doing repeating activities. Made fresh daily.


Content Strategy & Execution

A kickoff to frame the content direction and CTA, and measurement to sum it up.

Basic Skills

Everyone wants the exciting results, but it’s the basics that make it all happen. Without a plan, a budget and a way to measure, our plans and dreams are just empty promises.


Project Management

Move those projects forward in content and marketing for quality, budget and deadline.

Research & Reporting

Turn data into usable info with experience in qualitative and quantitative research, interpretation and reporting. Interviews and task-based focus groups.

Content Strategy & Execution

Organize projects with a kickoff to frame the content direction and CTA, and then measure to see if you got what you needed.

Run Projects that tell stories and get conversions.


People think they know what they want, but that’s not always true. Workshops can get to the bottom of it. I have experience leading workshops to gain client engagement and agreement, final decision.


Extensive success in workshopping project scope at high levels, simplifying, and building projects that deliver.



Workshops to brand values, personality traits and brand story, naming, verbal guidelines, taglines, web copy and the management of logo, digital and print design.



Writing and design, including podcasts, video interviews and newsletters.

Increase Quality. Maintain Order.

Wouldn’t it be nice to improve order and creative execution? I spent 4 years teaching students to work in agencies in New York and San Fran. Since then, I’ve been applying that to branding agency life on websites, logos and content strategy work. If you’re looking to improve order and creative, I bet I can help.

Improve Workflows

I may have written my master’s thesis on the creative process, but I’ve taken it the next step, bringing processes to agency that both increase order and measurability, and also create a welcoming environment for creativity.

Plan Better Projects

It would be great if all stakeholders and sponsors always delivered info and assets when they say. When that doesn’t happen, you need someone proactive to be that persistent, polite bug in their ear to get the stuff and keep forward project momentum.

Even though plans never work out perfectly, planning prepares you for 90% of problems.

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